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Viparspectra LED Grow Lights

Vipraspectra is another LED grow light manufacturer from China, well known for its value for money products. The company distributes and markets their products themselves, greatly reducing marketing costs. This allows them to offer a vast array of LED grow lights, more suitable to beginner and slightly advanced indoor growers. Indecisive buyers will have a hard time picking a grow light, since the variety being offered is staggering: From small 200W units to 1000W behemoths, there is something for everyone.

Viparspectra grow lights have been praised for their energy efficiency: The 600W model only consumes about 300W of power, drastically reducing temperatures and power costs. More advanced models feature heat sinks and self-cooling systems, as well as timers that eliminate the need for balasts.

It should be noted that Viparspectra are also offering an extended 3-year warranty, accompanied boy a 30-day money back guarantee. Check out our extensive catalogue of Viparspectra LED grow light to find the perfect solution for your indoor garden!