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Optic 1 XL COB LED Grow Light 100w 3500k COB

optic led

  • €251,00

 Optic 1 XL 100w COB LED Grow Light utilizes the latest in technology at every level. Starting with CREE's most efficient & highest yielding COB to date the CXB-3590 which illuminates your grow space in our daylight white color temperature. The passive cooling system has been overbuilt by 25% to help the light run cooler and extend the lifespan of the COB. Industry best Meanwell Driver pumps 100 true watts of high power growing through CREE's USA Made COB. Modern day glass lens technology allows us to spot beam every photon into our desired coverage area while giving you unprecedented canopy penetration resulting in more developed flowers deeper into your canopy and higher end yields. 



COB: CREE CXB3590 3500k  (USA Made)

Coverage Footprint:


2' x 2' area (.6m x .6m)

Max 2.5' x 2.5' (.75m x .75m)


4' x 4' area (1.2m x 1.2m)

Hanging Height with 90 degree Lens: 

Flower: 18"-24"

Veg: 24"-30"

Seedling: 30"-36"


High quality Glass Optics can magnify PAR and increase Canopy penetration by up to 200%. 


Optic 1 Specifications:




LENS: 90 degree


Driver: Meanwell HBG-100 / 100 watt Driver


Thermal management: Passive Cooling from a Overbuilt Anodized black 125 watt Pin Fin Heat sink (No Fans) 

Kelvin: 3500K DayLight White

CRI: 80

umol/ watt: 2.1

Actual Power Draw: 100 watts

COB Max Power: 137 Watts

Grams Per Watt: Up to 2 

Yield: Up to 200 grams / 7.14 ounces


PPFD Optic 1 XL: 

2' x 2' Area @16.5" Hanging Height PPFD: 549

2' x 2' Area @18" Hanging Height PPFD: 503




Lifetime: 50,000 Hours (8.5 years @16hrs daily use)

Warranty: 5 year Warranty 

Shipping: Free Worldwide shipping & ships within 1-2 business days

Light Fixtures: Optic 1 XL COB LED Light 

Cables: 6 Foot attached power cord 

Plug: USA, UK, EURO, Africa, Australia & more

Dimming: No dimmer needed on with this fixture as it has no hotspot by utilizing modern day lens technology. 

Hanger: Built in, comes with rope ratchet to adjust hanging height.

Recommended for: Closet Grow, Cabinet Grow & Grow Tents.